Project supported by funds granted from the
Government of Norway through Norwegian Financial Mechanism 2009-2014
in the financing field of Green Industry Innovation in Romania

Project: We recycle for a cleaner greener future

- Project co-financed by Norway Grants –

Beneficiary: SC DEVALEX SRL

Announcement regarding the project finalization

Ștefanești, 11.05.2017

1. SC DEVALEX SRL, based in Romania, Buzău County, 12 Capsunelor Street, Buzău, telephone number: +40 745 338 342, fax number: +40 248 265 225, finalized the implementation of the “We recycle for a cleaner greener future“ project, co-financed within the “Green Industry Innovation” programme, according to the Financing agreement no. DACHI-2014/112644, concluded with Innovation Norway as programme operator.

2. The total amount of the project was 325.784,62 Euro, out of which the non-reimbursable financial assistance shall not exceed the amount of 139.889,1 Euro, the level of non-reimbursable co-financing is 42,94%.

3. The project has been implemented in Ștefănești, 2 Ceferistilor Street, Buzău County, Romania.

4. The general objectives of the project were as follows:

5. Additional details can be obtained from:

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