Project supported by funds granted from the
Government of Norway through Norwegian Financial Mechanism 2009-2014
in the financing field of Green Industry Innovation in Romania

Project: We recycle for a cleaner greener future

– Project co-financed by Norway Grants –

Beneficiary: SC DEVALEX SRL

Announcement regarding the project finalization

Ștefanești, 11.05.2017

1. SC DEVALEX SRL, based in Romania, Buzău County, 12 Capsunelor Street, Buzău, telephone number: +40 745 338 342, fax number: +40 248 265 225, finalized the implementation of the “We recycle for a cleaner greener future“ project, co-financed within the “Green Industry Innovation” programme, according to the Financing agreement no. DACHI-2014/112644, concluded with Innovation Norway as programme operator.
2. The total amount of the project was 325.784,62 Euro, out of which the non-reimbursable financial assistance shall not exceed the amount of 139.889,1 Euro, the level of non-reimbursable co-financing is 42,94%.
3. The project has been implemented in Ștefănești, 2 Ceferistilor Street, Buzău County, Romania.
4. The general objectives of the project were as follows:

  • Increasing the plastic and granulated flakes processing capacity.
  • Increasing the amount of materials being collected by 100 tonnes per month and reducing the amount of diesel used daily for every tonne of collected materials.

5. Additional details can be obtained from:

  • Contact person’s name: Daniel Voicu;
  • Position: General Manager;
  • Address: SC Devalex SRL, 12 Capsunelor Street, Buzău County, Romania;
  • Tel.: +40 745 338 342, Fax: +40 248 265 225, e-mail:

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