Project supported by funds granted from the
Government of Norway through Norwegian Financial Mechanism 2009-2014
in the financing field of Green Industry Innovation in Romania

Project: We recycle for a cleaner greener future

– Project co-financed by Norway Grants –

Beneficiary: SC DEVALEX SRL

Notice of intent regarding the procurement of a Hook Truck (28 tonnes) and a container trailer

Ștefanești, 15.11.2016

1. SC DEVALEX SRL, a legal entity established under the laws of Romania, with its registered address at 12 Capșunelor Street, postal code 120002, Buzău, Buzău County, Romania, telephone no. +40 745 338 342, fax no. +40 248 265 225, website:, incorporated at the Romanian Trade Register with no. J10/1535/2007, identified by Reg. No.: RO 22880852, represented by its legal representative, Mr. Daniel Voicu, as a beneficiary in the programme developed with funds granted by the Norwegian Government under the Norwegian Financial Mechanism 2009-2014 within the Green Industry Innovation financing programme in Romania, is organising the contract award (tender) procedure for a Hook Truck (28 tonnes), with the aim of modernising and developing the company’s recycling capacity.

2. The procurement is being organised under the “We recycle for a cleaner greener future” project, co-financed through the Norwegian Financial Mechanism 2009-2014 – Green Industry Innovation Programme Romania, with contract no. DACHI-2014/112644, with Innovation Norway as programme operator.

3. Contract objective: The supply of a Abrollkipper truck (28 T), which comprises a container handler telescopic hook and a container trailer.

4. Applied procedure: „Request for tenders” in accordance with „Procurement Guidelines for contracts awarded in compliance with best economic practices” issued under the aforementioned funding programme.

5. Contract implementation location:: The beneficiary’s recycling facility at 2 Ceferiștilor Street, Stefanești, postal code 117717, Argeș County, Romania

6. Contract type: Supply contract

7. Contract duration: from the contract signing until the completion of the supply process as stipulated in the contractual terms.

8. Estimated value: EUR 130,000 without VAT

9. Award criteria: Most economically advantageous tender – Evaluation will be done based on the following factors:

  • The tender price for the requested equipment: 50%;
  • Estimated delivery time for the vehicle: 30%;
  • Repair & Maintenance reaction time: 20%;

10. Tender submission deadline (date and time): 25.11.2016, 12:00

11. Date and time for tender openings: 25.11.2016, 14:00

12. Tender submission address: The beneficiary’s address at 2 Ceferiștilor Street, Stefanești, postal code 117717, Argeș County, Romania.

13. Location and manner of obtaining the tender documents: the award documentation (including the electronic format) is available starting from 16.11.2016 at the beneficiary’s location at 2 Ceferiștilor Street, Stefanești, postal code 117717, Argeș County, Romania. Upon request, the electronic format of the tender documentation can also be sent via e-mail.

14. For additional information and/or eventual clarifications, starting from 16.11.2016, we remain at your disposal by: post to the above-mentioned address, e-mail at or, telephone at +40 745 338 342, or fax at +40 248 265 225, the contact person being Mr Daniel Voicu.

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