Post industrial waste it’s not any more a problem, is quite easy to recycle these kinds of waste as long as they are well managed. Off grade materials, rejected parts or packaging wastes coming from raw materials or other secondary materials used by a company could be recycled, using advanced technologies these kinds of waste could be converted into raw materials for different industries. Devalex has the experience and know how to manage these kinds of wastes right in the yard of the beneficiary, if it’s agreed. Being a licensed company to collect and recycle different types of waste like: plastic, ferrous and nonferrous, paper and cardboard, Devalex has the necessary logistics and manpower to perform a professional waste management service. In our production plant we convert plastic waste into raw materials for industries.

Waste management activity performed by a professional company is an important contribution to natural resource efficiency and environmental protection. Waste management is a link in the circular economy sustained by the European community.